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(you still can't, I'm still going through them)

I need to organize and go through the gallery to see if I missed any pieces that shouldn't be there to begin with.
(Yes, I will update this to inform you may submit stuff again)

So I also wish to ask you all:
Since there's not any word regarding the "Axel-is-a-pedo" incident, this is still going to remain as the club for the pairing/friendship of the 2 until the incident pops up again. SO!

:bulletred:Should this club focus on the pairing/friendship bromance only?
Because as of now, there are folders for the 2 individual characters(any media but all in one place excluding the Feature). Do you like that there? Or you prefer not to see one there without the other in some sort of friendship or romantic way?
So tell me, should we have "Sora only" and "Axel only" submissions?
EDIT: It looks like so far, we're more than likely going to remove the Axel and Sora only folders and focus on the 2 characters only(with the exceptions of 3+somes that involve the 2)

Please respond if we should keep it that way or not. Without much input, you're basically leaving it up to me and Near-X-Rukia. if we do make a change, only to have a complaint or "suggestion" about it afterwards, I'm not going to be a happy camper about it. Journals are here to be read and is our only source of effective communication with the members and I want both parties to take advantage of it.

:bulletred: I was informed that a couple are interested in a contest and I've brought it up before, but I still wish to know how many people would actually put the effort to enter. I'm opening it up for both artists and WRITERS! And if you are interested, please comment and let us know! No one really likes a cancelled/failed contest after all.
EDIT: Contests are definitely going to happen

:bulletblue: as a follow-up to all the above. Shoulder we use the "Feature" as a collection with EVERYTHING(which is what it is right now), OR use it as a prize for contest winners so (we'll be having more contests) OR use it for the best quality pieces?
EDIT: Feature will NOT be used as a collection for everything so I'm sorry to say, you guys now HAVE to put things in the right folder. The rules will be updated soon about that

We await your input! Thanks for reading!

(also, if anyone does discover Axel/Sora day, please drop us a line too on that)

Should 3+somes (involve Axel and Sora of course) have it's own folder(any media) or should it be categorized with the others(fanart, cosplay?)
[We're obviously not dead]

...When Axel/Sora Day is? I'm 85% sure it exists. Considering I discovered both a Riku/Sora and Roxas/Sora day. I tried to google it but no such luck. Anyone know?

Also, in regards to the panic-journal(s):
No news yet but the deletion of Axel/Anyone-underage pics seem to have stopped(as far as I'm aware of) so I'm not worried much now but I don't think it's a good idea to let your guard down either as it may spring up in the future.
No, I'm not joking.

For those that are not part of :iconakuroku:, they recently let out a warning and putting in changes to their group due to a new TOS DA rule that caused a different Axel and Roxas pairing group to shut down. For more info, here's the journal:…

For those that want to the short version/doesn't feel like reading whole thing: no pedo romance.
That's pretty much it in a nutshell. Rule says no showing relationships between an adult and a minor (e.g. Axel and Roxas, Axel and Sora, or even Axel and Riku since as far as most country goes Riku is still a minor)

I obviously was upset about it(again, also an AkuRoku fan but love AkuSora just as much), but it didn't kick in right away that Sora is as much of a minor as Roxas(I'm tired okay!?T_T).

EDIT: PS: I know in some fanworks and fanfiction, mainly the sexual ones, they increase the characters' ages to get by that rule(since by DA rules, there shouldn't be any sex at all between an adult and minor) BUT it does not work as I've ran into more than one artist/author that still got in trouble for it because the rules stated that if the characters' ages are ORIGINALLY a minor, then YES you CAN get in trouble for it! Roxas/Sora/Riku/most KH originals can be in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and so on and the creator can still get in trouble b/c that's not their original canon age.

Yes, this pairing is not as popular Axel and Roxas but it isn't worth the risk. Anybody(and we've gotten a couple haters of this pairing trolling us before) can point fingers and say Axel is an adult(he is; I counted more than once, there's no way he's not and Sora's age is clearly stated in the games' manual books. I can't remember if Dream Drop Distance is a year later or not but even if it is, Sora's still not 18 so we can't use that excuse.

The only thing we CAN do, assuming the worse of the group being shut down, is to change what is allowed which I think is only: Axel/Sora friendship ONLY, add in Lea/Sora for a pairing(I saw a nice doujin of it, this pairing EXISTS), or even Lea/Ventus maybe?

Thoughts, comments, suggestions?
Because this would be a pretty big change and I want to know what everyone's thinking right now regarding this. Are we better off removing the group completely since we can't express this pairing technically(I rather not as I loved how this group went from a a few members to 100+) or should we salvage what we have but put in changes?
:bulletred:Axel/Sora Fanfiction:…
:bulletblue:Axel/Sora Videos:…

Submissions are now NOT auto-approved; we have to approve of them.

That is all.

If you have videos/fanfics outside of DA, by all means send them my way so I can update them on here.

If you have any suggestions for the club, also feel free to comment
:bulletred:Axel/Sora Videos:… (actually updated believe it or not)


Well this had to made at some point. This applies to fanfiction OUTSIDE of Deviantart. If its yours, your DA name goes next to it if you want. If its not, you can still send the link here, just DON'T claim it as yours!

Unfortunately, there won't be a summary under each story. I may do that in the future though.

-Some do have smut scenes! Which I will put a warning next to! If I somehow missed something that is 18+ please let me know.
-Axel using Sora for Roxas/Sora using Axel for Riku will NOT be here! That is NOT Axel/Sora unless they end up together and/or change their feelings at the very least. It has to at least be one-sided(I didn't say I'm not allowing angst) or its not AkuSora. Even if either, or both, feel the regret or feel bad of their actions, it's not the pairing unless one of them ends up liking the other.
-If you really like the stories, please give the authors a nice review. Really, they do like that! And most of them allow anon-reviews!

:bulletblue:Absolution Solution:…
:bulletblue: AKUSORA, Got it Memorized?… 18+
:bulletblue: (Sequel to AKUSORA, Got it Memorized?)Ten Ways…
:bulletblue: Candyman:… 18+
:bulletblue: Fake Bonds:… (sounds like AkuRoku undertone but it will change in story)
:bulletblue: Five Moments in Time:…
:bulletblue: Forever and Always:… 18+
:bulletblue:  memories of:…
:bulletblue: Of Brothers and Best Friends:… 18+
:bulletblue: Only Five:…
:bulletblue: PANTiES:…
:bulletblue: Promise, Fallen, you'll find a way:…
:bulletblue: Sun Goes Down:…
:bulletblue: The Compass: A Fairytale:…
:bulletblue: Because You Live:…

AkuSora: the Background pairing[not the main focus but they exist in the BG of the story]:
(will add more once I find more...)
-Will name the other pairings so you know what you're getting into

:bulletgreen: Everyone's Sky: (a different author's sequel to "Forever and Always")… [one-sided Roxas/Sora, one-sided Riku/Sora, but faithful to Axel/Sora][Tell me if you rather see this in the other section or not]
:bulletgreen: Little Wind on Land:… [Main: RikuRoxas. Others: Leon/Cloud and Axel/Sora]
:bulletgreen: Remember:… [Main: Leon/Cloud. Others: One-sided Axel/Sora and Axel/Roxas]
:bulletgreen: Spiky Haired KirePapa:… [Main: Leon/Cloud. Others: Axel/Sora, implied RikuRoxas]
:bulletgreen: Happy New Year, Yo!:… [Main: Riku/Roxas. Others: Axel/Sora]
:bulletgreen: Not who they wanted:… [Main: one-sided Riku/Sora. Others: Axel/Sora, RikuRoxas][I admit this is one of those middle ground stories where I may move this up to the main section. Your thoughts would be appreciated]
:bulletgreen: Please Say No:… [The main is kinda both Axel/Sora and Roxas/Sora on the one-sided level]